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Quran e Kareem is the last holy message of Allah SWT. It not only guides the Muslims regarding every aspect of their lives. It is not only a guidebook, but it also contains lessons for the whole of mankind. A lesson can be taught fruitfully by telling past stories. Quran tells us many stories of past nations, indulging in many kinds of evils and narrating their horrible end. Quran narrates the stories of splendor and grandiosity of certain emperors like Sulaiman AS and Sikandar Zulqarnain. All these stories of the Quran teach us certain lessons. We will discuss some of the stories of the Quran briefly, in this essay.

Story of Adam AS and Eve AS

Adam AS is the first human being created by Allah Almighty. Quran narrates the story of the creation of Adam AS in different chapters of the Quran. Allah Almighty narrates that He created Adam AS out of clay. When He decided to create Adam AS, He told the angels that He was going to create a Human being as a successor on earth. The angels expressed their concerns about human beings for spreading bloodshed and violating rules. Allah SWT told them that He knew everything, but they knew not. Allah Almighty ordered the angels to prostrate before Adam, all the angels obeyed except Ibis. He was cursed by Allah SWT. After Allah SWT breathed the spirit in Adam AS, he was sent to paradise. He was ordered to eat and drink whatever he wish for, except one fruit. Allah Almighty created Amman Hawwa for Adam`s company. Both of them lived there for some time. Satan got successful in making them eat that food i.e; disobeying Allah Almighty. At that moment, both of them got naked and started to cover themselves with the leaves of plants. After this incident, they were separated and sent to earth. According to stories in Quran, they were taught to grow wheat and bake bread. Till then, this becomes a tradition of the sons of Adam.

Story of Noh AS

Noh AS was the prophet of Allah Almighty. He is said to be “the second Adam”. In his prophethood, there occurred a huge flood. That drowned the whole human population of that time. Only a few believers were saved, from whom Adam`s generations were born once again. This story of the Quran narrates that Hazrat Noh AS was the prophet of Allah Almighty. He was sent to mankind to teach everyone the message of the oneness of Allah Almighty. He remained to preach for more than 900 years. But only a handful of people believed in his prophethood and the oneness of Allah. He continuously warned them that they were inviting Allah`s wrath by not accepting his message. But they turned a deaf ear to all his advice. Eventually, one day Allah Almighty warned him to make a giant ship for himself and his followers. He obeyed the divine order and build a giant ship. Suddenly a water fountain raised from a well and it spread worldwide. Everything outside the giant ship drowned in water. Even Noh AS`s son and his wife, both were non-believers and both sank into the flood storm. This was a punishment for not accepting Allah`s message.

Story of Hazrat Dawood AS

Hazrat Dawood AS was a magnificent prophet of Allah Almighty. Zaboor was bestowed upon him by Allah SWT. He preached the oneness of Allah Almighty and his prophethood. Zaboor also called Psalms consisted of poetic verses. It was beautifully narrated in the form of poetic verses. According to the story told by Holy Quran, Allah Almighty bestowed upon him two miracles. The first miracle was a wonder, in the true sense of the word. Iron, one of the hardest metals in the world, melted in his hand like wax. He used to make armor and chains with iron, only by molding iron in his hand like wax. This was a splendid miracle. The second miracle was his voice. Prophet Daud AS had such a melodious voice that it is narrated that when he started singing the hymns of Psalms, All the birds, trees, and even mountains and stones started singing with him. Both of these miracles are narrated in Holy Quran as a story. He was also an expert marksman. He killed an evil king Jaloot, by hitting him with a stone, with the help of a slingshot.  This incident is also narrated as a story in Quran.

Story of Ismail AS and Hazrat Hajra AS

Prophet Ibrahim AS also known as the “Father of the prophets” was a splendid prophet of Allah. He was given two sons by Allah Almighty.

 Prophet Ismail AS and Prophet Ishaq AS. Allah Almighty sent almost 70,000 prophets from Bani Israel, sons of Ishaq AS. Prophet Ismail AS was only an infant when Allah Almighty ordered Prophet Ibrahim AS to leave them in the desert of Makkah. That was a test of his trust in Allah. He left them in a desert, where there was no shady tree for taking rest beneath its shade. There was no water to quench the thirst. But then Allah Almighty created a pond of water from beneath the heels of infant Ismail AS. Syeda Hajra made seven rounds on the hills of Safa and Marwa. These rounds were liked by Allah Almighty. He made these rounds of Safa and Marwa obligatory for performing Hajj. Later on, other tribes from Arab gathered there and form a human population around Aab e Zam Zam.

Above mentioned are some of the stories mentioned in Quran e Kareem. There are a lot of other stories narrated in the Quran e Kareem, like Prophet Eber (hood AS) and the nation of Aad. Nation of Thamud, Prophet Sulaiman AS, Ashab ul Ukhdood, Ashab e Kahaf, etc. All these stories of the Quran contain great lessons for the whole of mankind.

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