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Easyway to Quran is the leading Online Quran Academy which provides online Qurantutors at home. Quran academy is your source for quality online education. Learning the Holy Quran Online is a new idea, as it is one of the dynamic distance learning tools. It is more effective than the face to face learning. We provide software for voice and visual communication, that create an interactive one on one session which makes the learning process much better than the live in person. Especially, it is very interesting for kids. The Quran teacher or Quran tutor gives very good instructions of Tajweed and helps you and your kids to learn the Holy Quran with very interesting way. Our courses are Quran Memorization, Fluent Quran Reading, Basic Tajweed, Advance Tajweed, Tafseer, and Daily Islamic Supplication

Reading Quran Learning - A blessing:

Now that you have the option for Online Quran Learning, you can utilize this opportunity at any time and any place. This is worth utilizing, because your religion demands this from you. In an Hadith our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says that, “The Superiority Of The Learned Men Over A Worshipper By Rituals Is Like My Superiority Over The Best Of You.” Tirmidhi.
Learning Quran online has been made possible by providing reasonable rates for online classes for the people living anywhere in the world. One to one classes are organised. High quality conversational softwares are used. In most of cases Desired time is provided.
  • Its Effective
    Quran Reading Classes are provided at affordable charges. Easy Lessons are delivered to the students by Qualified Quran tutors.Learning Quran is made easy using Online Quality Conversational Softwares.
It's Easy
You can learn Holy Quran at any place. Simple and easy lessons with proven teaching methodology. One to One classes makes it attractive. Friendly environment is maintained.
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online Quran learning has proved to be very effective and got enormous popularity among Muslims living in western countries. Learn Quran online provides an excellent opportunity for people who wish to learn quran but don’t have access to an Aalim, Hafiz or Qari. learn quran with tajweed provides one to one quran tutor which ensures complete individual attention. Now any one who wishes to learn to read quran can go online, register with a company, get his classes scheduled and start learning quran online. Read quran is especially useful for kids who find it hard to go to far off places/mosques to learn quran. Now any one of any age and from anywhere in the world can learn Quran Learning and Reading from qualified tutors while enjoying the comforts of home. learn quran with tajweed accommodates child’s learning speed.

Free Trial Lessons:

Take Free Trial Lessons We offer you and your children quality services of Quran learning, Quran reading with Tajweed and Quran translation and Tafseer through our qualified tutors and our excellent teaching method.


  • Student centered system 
  • Friendly environment 
  • One - to - one live Quran class. 
  • Quran Learning in your living room 
  • Essential Islamic Teachings for Muslims of any age. 
  • Affordable Fees
  • Highly trained and qualified Quran teachers. 
  • Well Experienced Supervisers 
  • Highly reputed academic background. 
  • Flexible timings 
  • Free Learning Material
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