99 Names Of Allah

99 Names Of Allah


The Names of Allah are considered very significant in Islam for several reasons:

  • Reflecting on the meanings of the Names of Allah helps believers gain a deeper understanding of Allah’s attributes and nature.
  • Reciting or invoking the Names of Allah is a means of drawing closer to Him and seeking His mercy and blessings.
  • The Names of Allah serve as a reminder of His omnipotence, mercy, and compassion, and can help instill a sense of awe and reverence in the hearts of believers.
  • Each Name of Allah has a unique significance and can be invoked for a specific purpose, such as seeking forgiveness (Al-Ghaffar), guidance (Al-Hadi), or sustenance (Ar-Razzaq).
  • Learning and reciting the Names of Allah is considered an act of worship in itself, and is a recommended practice for Muslims.
  • The Names of Allah are also found in the Quran and Hadith, and studying them can help deepen one’s understanding of Islamic theology and teachings.

Overall, the Names of Allah are an important aspect of Islamic spirituality and are revered by Muslims as a means of connecting with the Divine and seeking His guidance and mercy.

99 Names of Allah in Urdu, English and Arabic:

99 Names of Allah

Meaning Explanation


Ar-Rahman The Beneficent The first name Ar-Rahman comes from the word Rehmat, which means that Allah compassion for the entire creation without differentiating believers and non-believers.


Ar-Raheem The Merciful The ONE who has kindness for everyone in this universe.


Al-Malik The Eternal Lord The Sovereign Lord, the one who dominates and owns everything on earth and heavens.


Al-Quddus The Most Sacred The One who is free from any flaw, and the One who is most pure from any imperfection.


As-Salam The Embodiment of Peace The One who is the only Peace giver to the seven heavens and above.


Al-Mu’min The Infuser of Faith Al-Mu’min means that the One who gives full security. He sent Prophets who witnessed for Himself that no one is God but Him. Also, the One who puts faith in hearts and protects them who seek his shelter.


Al-Muhaymin The Preserver of Safety The One who witnesses every single act and saying of His creatures. He is the one who always watches and looks after us.


Al-Aziz The Mighty One The Mighty and Strong, who can’t be defeated by anyone in this and hereafter world.


Al-Jabbar The Omnipotent One The One who doesn’t allow anything to happen without His will. He is All-Might and has the authority to do anything.


Al-Mutakabbir The Dominant One The One clear from resembling any of the creatures. He has power, dominancy, and pride.


Al-Khaaliq The Creator The One who creates every single creature from nothing and He has the power to vanish anyone anytime.


Al-Baari The Evolver The Maker and Creator, who has planned before the creation of seven heavens and earth. Everything happened here as per His will.


Al-Musawwir The Flawless Shaper The One who forms His creatures in different looks and appearance including all living and non-living creatures.


Al-Ghaffaar The Great Forgiver The Forgiver, He likes nothing more than forgiveness. And that’s why He forgives the sins of His people with or without any condition.


Al-Qahhaar The All-Prevailing One The Dominant, The One who has the absolute power over everything in this universe.


Al-Wahhab The Supreme Bestower The One who is distributes generously without asking for any return. He blessed all creature with numerous gifts.


Ar-Razzaq The Total Provider The Sustainer, who creates all sources of food and everything that is essential for livelihood.


Al-Fattah The Supreme Solver The Opener, The Judge; who opens his mercy and greatness for slaves. He has a solution to every problem.


Al-Alim The All-Knowing One The Knowledgeable; who has supreme knowledge about every happening in this world. Nothing is hidden from Him.


Al-Qaabid The Restricting One The Constrictor, who has all authority to make life easier or difficult of anyone whomever He selects.


Al-Baasit The Extender The Enlarger, who can make one’s life easier and increase the sustenance without any doubt.


Al-Khaafid The Reducer The Abaser, The One who lowers the status of anyone He wished by His legacy.


Ar-Rafi The Elevating One The Exalter and the Elevator; The One who raises the status of anyone whoever He willed by His Destruction.


Al-Mu’izz The Honourer-Bestower He gives esteem to whoever He wished; though there is no one to degrade Him. But He degrades whoever anyone.


Al-Muzil The Abaser The Dishonourer, The Humiliator; the one who can’t be degraded by anyone. But He degrades anyone whom He wished for.


As-Sami’ The All-Hearer The Hearer, The One who hears everything by His Eternal Hearing. He is not unaware of anything that is being spoken in this world.


Al-Baseer The All-Seeing The All-Noticing, The One who has the power to see by His Eternal Seeing.


Al-Hakam The Impartial Judge The Judge, He is the only ruler of the entire world and He is the best of all rulers. There is no question on His judgment is this Word.


Al-Adl The Embodiment of Justice The Just, He is the only one who is the best symbol of justice for poor and rich. Nobody can refrain from his Justice.


Al-Lateef The Knower of Subtleties The Subtle One; He is the One who is kind to His every little and poor creature. He knows the situation of slaves and endows upon them.


Al-Khabeer The All-Aware One The One who is aware of everyone and the truth of this world.


Al-Haleem The Clement One The Forbearing; He is the only One who has the power to delay the punishment. And if He will, they can be forgiven.


Al-Azeem The Magnificent One The Great One, The Mighty; He is the One who only deserves the attributes of pride and glory. He is pure from all imperfection.


Al-Ghafoor The Great Forgiver The All-Forgiving, the Forgiving. There is no one who can forgive like Him. He forgives whomever He wills.


Ash-Shakoor The Acknowledging One The Grateful, the Appreciative. Only He is the One who blesses his believers a lot of reward for showing a little obedience.


Al-Aliyy The Sublime One The Highest, only He is the One who is abstained from the creature’s characteristics.


Al-Kabeer The Great One The Most Great; He is the One who is supreme and has the greater status of all.


Al-Hafiz The Guarding One The Preserver, the Protector. Only He is the One who can protect whatever and whoever He willed for.


Al-Muqeet The Sustaining One The Maintainer, The Guardian, The Feeder, The One who has the power to do anything to anyone.


Al-Haseeb The Reckoning One The Reckoner, only Allah is the only One who can give satisfaction to whomever He is willing to provide.


Al-Jaleel The Majestic One The Sublime One, The Beneficent, The One who has attributed Power and Glory of status and this won’t be compared with anyone.


Al-Kareem The Bountiful One The Generous One, The Gracious, in the entire world He is the One who is accredited with the power of supremacy and magnificent status.


Ar-Raqeeb The Watchful One The Watcher, Allah is the one who is watching everyone and He is not absent from anyone’s deed.


Al-Mujeeb The Responding One The Responsive, He is the One who listens and answers in any form. The time and method are not what we are looking for but whatever seems good according to Him.


Al-Waasi’ The All-Pervading One The Vast, the All-Embracing, The Knowledgeable. He is the only one who has knowledge that nobody can ever think of. The creature only uses 5% of the mind he has been given.


Al-Hakeem The Wise One The Wise, The Judge of Judges, The One who remains correct in all of His decisions, and judgments.


Al-Wadud The Loving One Allah is the One who loves His people who have a firm belief in Him and also love those who love believers.


Al-Majeed The Glorious One The Most Glorious One; only Allah has the trait of being glory in this world. No ruler or king is equivalent to Him. He is the only unmatched power, generosity, and Kindness for the living beings.


Al-Ba’ith The Infuser of New Life The Resurrector, The Raiser (from death), He started life from nothing and He has the power to create or destroy any life without asking permission.


Ash-Shaheed The All Observing Witness The Witness, the One who is aware of everything and there isn’t any single deed or act happened in this world without His permission.


Al-Haqq The Embodiment of Truth The Truth, The True, He is the One whose existence is truly from eternity and He will remain when everything is finished.


Al-Wakeel The Universal Trustee The Trustee, the One who gives the ultimate satisfaction to His believers and rely upon, and there isn’t anyone who can seek satisfaction without His permission.


Al-Qawwiyy The Strong One The Most Strong, The Strong, The One with the complete superpower, which has no comparison with anyone ever in this entire universe.


Al-Mateen The Firm One The only One having super extreme Power which is un-interrupted and He never got tired of handling all matters.


Al-Waliyy The Protecting Associate The Protecting Friend, the Supporter. He is the One who supports and protects the poor ones from the frown of cruel ones.


Al-Hameed The Sole-Laudable One The Praiseworthy, He who deserves to be praised by all means and there isn’t anyone who can stand in front of Him.


Al-Muhsee The All-Enumerating One The Counter, The Reckoner, The One who keeps a record of everything happening in this world.


Al-Mubdi The Originator He is the One who has started the human being and other organisms without seeking help from another creature. He has designed and sent humans as His messenger.


Al-Mueed The Restorer The Reproducer, The One who has the ability to bring back every dead creature to life on the Day of Judgment.


Al-Muhyi The Maintainer of life The Restorer, The Giver of Life; He is the One who took out a living human from a single drop and gives life. He makes the hearts alive by the light of knowledge.


Al-Mumeet The Inflictor of Death The Creator of Death, The Destroyer; He who has render created life and death for every living creature.


Al-Hayy The Eternally Living One The Alive, The One attributed with a life that is unlike our life and is not that of a combination of soul, flesh, or blood.


Al-Qayyoom The Self-Subsisting One The One who remains and does not end.


Al-Waajid The Pointing One The Perceiver, The Finder, the Rich who is never poor. Al-Wajd is Richness.


Al-Maajid The All-Noble One The Glorious, He who is Most Glorious and this will last forever.


Al-Waahid The Only One The Unique; the One who has no partner and He doesn’t need any.


Al-Ahad The Sole One The One; it is to believe that He is the One and there is no one who belongs to Him. He has no family and no child.


As-Samad The Supreme Provider The Eternal and Independent; the One who is relied upon in matters and reverted to in anyone’s needs.


Al-Qaadir The Omnipotent One The Able, The Capable, The One attributed with Power.


Al-Muqtadir The All Authoritative One The Powerful and Dominant; He is the One having eternal power of making and implementing His decisions.


Al-Muqaddim The Expediting One The Expediter, The Promoter; the One who placed all things in the right place. He makes fast what He wills.


Al-Mu’akhkhir The Procrastinator The Delayer, the Retarder; He is the One who puts things in the best of theirs. He delays anything to happen if He wills.


Al-Awwal The Very First The First, He is the One who exists in this world from eternity and there is no boundary for the beginning.


Al-Akhir The Infinite Last One The Last, The One who will remain even after everything has gone to an end. His existence is without any end.


Az-Zaahir The Perceptible The Manifest, One who is above everything and His is not answerable to anyone. His existence doesn’t need any place. He is the one whose existence is clear from the system going on.


Al-Baatin The Imperceptible The Hidden, there isn’t anything which is hidden from Him. He knows everything happened whether it’s openly done or needs some hidden place to perform the act.


Al-Waali The Holder of Supreme Authority The Governor, He is the One who has authority over all creatures and He knows well how to manage them.


Al-Muta’ali The Extremely Exalted One The Most Exalted, The High Exalted, The One who is supreme of all creatures. And this has been cleared from the attributes of His every single creation.


Al-Barr The Fountain-Head of Truth The Source of All Goodness, The Righteous; He is the One who is kind enough to His creatures. He provides food, shelter, and special mercy.


At-Tawwaab The Ever-Acceptor of Repentance The Relenting, The One who grants repentance to those who ask for His mercy. He is the only one who is ready to accept anyone’s regret over their misdeed.


Al-Muntaqim The Retaliator The Avenger, The One who proudly conquers over His enemies again and again. He has the authority to punish them for their sins.


Al-Afuww The Supreme Pardoner The Forgiver, He is the only One who forgives when someone asks for His forgiveness.


Ar-Ra’oof The Benign One The Compassionate, He is the One with extreme mercy for His creature. He has power and will which let this happen to anyone without differentiating whether someone is a believer or not.

مَالِكُ الْمُلْكِ

Maalik-ul-Mulk The Eternal Possessor of Sovereignty He is the One who controls this entire world without asking anyone. The sole authority belongs to Him only.

ذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَالإكْرَامِ

Zul-Jalaali-wal-Ikram The Possessor of Majesty and Honour He is the Lord of Majesty and Bounty in this world and no one can stand against Him. He is the only One who deserves to be accepted and never denied.


Al-Muqsit The Just One The Equitable, The One who is above all in doing justice to the rich and poor. He is the best in His judgment.


Al-Jaami’ The Assembler of Scattered Creations The Gatherer, He has the power of gathering all the creatures on the day of judgment. All dead people will be called and they will stand in front of Him for their deeds reward or compensation


Al-Ghaniyy The Self-Sufficient One The One who does not need any of His creation to believe or worship Him but this creature needs Him in every moment.


Al-Mughni The Bestower of Sufficiency The Enricher, He is the sole who tends to satisfy all of the necessities of living beings.


Al-Maani’ The Preventer The Withholder. He is the One who has the authority to stop anyone from doing any deed. He doesn’t need to explain why He wouldn’t let anyone doing what they want.


Ad-Daarr The Distressor The One who makes harm reach to anyone. If He is the One who can benefit anyone, so why not He distress whoever He willed.


An-Naafi’ The Bestower of Benefits The Propitious, the One who benefits anyone he chooses. Every gain and good comes from Him.


An-Noor The Prime Light The Light, The One who guides and created light to enlighten His believers. Also, the one who illuminates the heats of His believers with faith and knowledge.


Al-Haadi The Provider of Guidance The Guide, the One who guides His believers and His guidance ensures the best life in this world and hereafter.


Al-Badi’ The Unique One The Incomparable means that He is unique in all His traits. He can’t be compared with any of the existing things in this world.


Al-Baaqi The Ever Surviving One The Everlasting, The One who is the one from eternity and there is no ending for Him.


Al-Waaris The Eternal Inheritor The Heir, The One who is the owner of everything belongs to this world. Every single creature has an end but He doesn’t.


Ar-Rasheed The Guide to Path of Rectitude The One who guides people to the right path to living and help others.


As-Saboor The Extensively Enduring One The Patient, He is the one who does not quickly punish the sinners. Always looking for the sinners to ask for regret and forgiveness.
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