Quran Memorization Online

Memorizing the Holy Quran is an incredible honor and pleasure for every Muslim. Allah rewards and greatly honors those who memorize and act upon it, raising their status in Paradise according to what they have memorized. At EasywaytoQuran, we understand the significance of Quran Memorization, and we offer online classes for memorizing the Quran in the comfort of your own home.

We make Quran memorization easy for you with our flexible timing options. You can take your lessons anytime and anywhere with EasywaytoQuran.com. Join us on this journey to become closer to Allah and earn the great reward that comes with memorizing and acting upon the Holy Quran.



Methodology of Quran Memorization:


The course is structured into three parts for each session:


  • Sabaq (New Lesson): This section begins with the teacher reciting a few verses from the Holy Quran. The student practices to learn the verses with correct pronunciation and accent, and then tries to memorize them by repeating them multiple times.
  • Sabaqi (Revision): In this section, the student revises the previous lessons of the same para (juzz) that they have learned. The student reads loudly, and the teacher listens to them. Each student recites the Sabaqi lesson in every class after the new lesson to ensure they memorize the previous lessons effectively.
  • Manzil (Revision): This section focuses on revising any para that the student has already memorized. In each class, the student revises at least half a para out loud, while the teacher listens and provides feedback.

Quran Memorization Course

Enrolling in a Quran memorization course is essential after understanding the sacredness of memorizing the Quran. Easy Way to Quran is a leading online academy for Quran learning, providing one of the best Quran memorization courses available. Our national and international tutors have put in a great deal of effort, and their hard work is reflected in the results that we provide. Our Quran memorization course is suitable for both you and your children.

We offer Quran memorization courses for everyone, with male and female tutors available to provide their passionate services. We also focus on Quran memorization with tajweed, which ensures proper pronunciation of the Quranic verses. If you make a mistake while reciting the Quranic verses, our tutors will instantly correct you and provide guidance.


Why is the Quran memorization course effective?

If you’re hesitant about memorizing the Holy Quran, don’t let fear hold you back. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable scholars and tutors at Easy Way to Quran can make Quran memorization a breeze. Our tutors are skilled in working with students who may require additional guidance and support.

We pride ourselves on offering a student-friendly online learning environment. You’ll start by learning short verses and Surahs, and our tutors will guide you through special Surahs that are easy to memorize. Our program even includes an evaluation application for progress tracking. Once registered, you’ll receive your ID and password to access the application and website, where you can monitor your progress and that of your children.

Our Quran memorization course is effective because all of our online Quran classes are supervised by certified scholars. We welcome children, adults, and new converts to Islam. If you’re a new revert, we’ll ensure that you receive special attention during your online Quran class.


Our aim of online courses 

Easy Way to Quran aims to educate every Muslim with the Holy book of the Quran. Our basic goal is to emerge the teaching of the Quran, and Prophet Muhammad SAW to structure a peaceful society. For years, our online tutors have been providing services in many Quran courses, i.e., Understanding of Quran, Quran Reading, Quran memorization, and Islamic Courses. Furthermore, we also encourage you to memorize yourself and invite others for memorization.  

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