Qualities of a Quran Teacher

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Learning Quran e Kareem is an important religious obligation of every Muslim. Muslim parents want to teach their children Quran e Kareem with accuracy, conciseness, and consistency. But the most important factor in this effort is a competent Quran teacher. A teacher can play an important role in the learning process of the kids. This vital role of a teacher can be increased if the teacher has some particular qualities. These qualities can affect the overall progress of the student. A better teacher trains a better student. A competent teacher can pave the way to success for his student. Parents should keep in mind certain qualities while looking for a teacher. Let’s discuss some qualities of an excellent teacher.

Specific Knowledge about Quran e Kareem:

Teaching the Quran e Kareem is not a piece of cake. Anyone who have-not learned Quran e Kareem with accuracy cannot teach Quran e Kareem precisely. A person who cannot teach Quran e Kareem precisely, cannot be a Quran teacher, as a minor mistake even in punctuation, can alter the entire meaning of the whole verse. This can sometimes be disastrous for our faith. A Quran teacher should be a hafiz, a Qari, a learned Tajweed from any reputed institute, or a renowned Tajweed teacher. It is very important for a Quran teacher to teach Quran with the correct pronunciation. As Quran e Kareem is not an ordinary book. This is a book, which is a pillar of our faith. We cannot be good Muslims as far as we do not learn and understand the Quran e Kareem. To be a practicing Muslim, we have to learn Quran e Kareem from a specifically qualified Quran Teacher. A Quran teacher with an extra qualification of Qurani translation can be more worthy of being a Quran teacher.

A Perfect Arabic Accent:

Parents should hire a Quran teacher with a perfect Arabic accent and accurate pronunciation. As Quran states that we should recite Quran with a measured tone. Allah Almighty said in Sura e Muzammil, verse:

“Or make it a little more, and recite the Quran clearly with total (in a distinct and measured tone)”

Only a Quran teacher who has learned Arabic pronunciation and an accurate accent can teach the students likewise. As he has learned the Quran in a distinct and measured tone, so is their way of teaching, which affects the student’s tone and Arabic accent in a healthy and positive way. So, it is an important quality of a teacher, to be a good Quran teacher, that is very good at Arabic accent and pronunciation.


It is a famous proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect” and it is a fact that works on a reality basis. An experienced person in a given field can work much better than a person with no or less experience. An experienced teacher may use different and interesting modes and methodologies of teaching the Quran. He may have more grip on students, as far as discipline is concerned. He may have a deep insight into students’ behavior. This is the reason he can teach them in a more triumphant way. Experience is the key to being a victorious teacher. Students of an experienced teacher show a great difference from that of an inexperienced teacher. The more experienced a Quran teacher is, the more perfect method of teaching he may have. And his students may be more fortunate.

 Good communication skills:

Good communication skills are indispensable for any person who wants to be a teacher. A Quran teacher should be good at communication skills. A teacher has to communicate and coordinate with the students as well as their parents. He has to teach the student. Teaching itself is a modified form of communication skills. Only a good communicator can be a good teacher. A Quran teacher has to be in touch with the parents to brief them about their kid’s condition. He has to liaise on a daily basis with any of his students or his parent. To make a positive and healthy relationship between the Quran teacher and students, it is mandatory for the teacher to have fine communication skills.

Patience and Tolerance:

A teacher should be as patient as an ox. Even a patient needs to be patient even to teach any ordinary subject. Teaching the Quran needs much more patience than what is required for teaching an ordinary subject. As Quran e Kareem is in the Arabic language, which is a foreign language for our kids. Meanwhile, Arabic is one of the most eloquent languages in the world, which is too difficult to read and understand. Little kids find it very difficult to pronounce Arabic words and sentences. They make many mistakes in this attempt. Only a tolerant teacher can bear this situation and can bring the student out of it. It requires huge patience and forbearance. An impatient teacher cannot teach the Quran with peace of mind. The students may get infuriated by the impatient behavior of the teacher. A patient and tolerant teacher is the best teacher for teaching Quran.

Encouraging and Motivating Personality:

A teacher should have an inspiring and encouraging personality. Someone always bucks a student up with encouragement. Discouraging a student is a disaster for the student’s life and studies. A Quran teacher must be encouraging, as learning, reading, and understanding Quran is a difficult thing to do. A student must be encouraged and motivated to do more hard work to get success in his learning goals. An inspiring and encouraging teacher can work wonders for the betterment of a student.

If we conclude the whole discussion, we can say that a Quran teacher must have all, or at least most, of these qualities, to be a successful and triumphant teacher. The students would love to learn the Quran from the teacher, having these qualities.

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