Makhārij (مخارج Emission) points

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For those of you who have prior knowledge of Urdu, Punjabi, Persian they would easily identify most of the common alphabets easily.

There are 17 emission points (makhārij al-ḥurūf), located in various regions of:

1 – Throat

2 – Tongue

3 – Lips

4 – Nose

5 – Mouth

Below shows a preview of the Makharij and Articulation points from where the the 29 Arabic letters are produced. In our course we explain these to our students. We ensure that they understand them fully thus helping in reading Quran in the correct way.[metaslider id=897]

“It might look like a daunting task to remember & utilize all these Makharij. In fact it takes only few training sessions to correctly pronounce the Arabic letters. With regular Quran recitation, you soon master them” 

Makharij # 1, 2, 3


أ ة  –  Sound produced from the End of Throat

ع ح –  Sound produced from the Middle of Throat

غ خ – Sound produced from the Start of Throat

Makharij # 4, 5


ق –  Base of Tongue which is near Uvula touching the mouth roof

ك –  Portion of Tongue near its base touching the roof of mouth

Makharij # 6, 7


ج ش ى – Tongue touching the center of the mouth roof

ض   – One side of the tongue touching the molar teeth

Makharij # 8, 9, 10


ل  – Rounded tip of the tongue touching the base of the frontal 8 teeth

ن  – Rounded tip of the tongue touching the base of the frontal 6 teeth

ر  – Rounded tip of the tongue and some portion near it touching the base of the frontal 4 teeth

Makharij # 11


ط د ت – Tip of the tongue touching the base of the front 2 teeth

Makharij # 12


ظ  ذ  ث – Tip of the tongue touching the tip of the frontal 2 teeth

Makharij # 13

ص ز س – Tip of the tongue comes between the front top and bottom teeth

Makharij #14


م ن – While pronouncing the ending sound of  م  or ن , bring the vibration to the nose

Makharij # 15, 16

ف – Tip of the two upper jaw teeth touches the inner part of the lower lip

ب – Inner part of the both lips touch each other,  

م –  Outer part of both lips touch each other,  

و –  Rounding both lips and not closing the mouth

Makharij # 17

Mouth empty space while speaking words like  باَ بوُ بىِ

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