Importance of learning the Quran for Kids

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Quran is the last holy book of Allah Almighty. It was revealed on the last prophet of Allah, Muhammad peace be upon him. It is the message of Allah SWT for the whole world until the day of judgment.

Learning Quran is a religious obligation of every Muslim man, woman, and kid. Every Muslim starts learning the Quran from the early years of his childhood. Learning Quran is a Muslim family`s first step in the learning process of a kid. Parents must make arrangements for their kids to make them learn Quran. The Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said,

“The best amongst you (Muslims) is one who learns Al Quran and teaches it”

These Hadith specify the importance of learning the Quran. It glorifies Quran learning and tells that a person who learns Quran is best among Muslims. So, to be one of the best in front of Allah Almighty is to learn Quran and teach it afterward. Now we shall discuss why is it important to learn Quran for kids.

Introduction to their Religion and Faith

When a kid starts learning Al Quran, in his early childhood, this becomes the first introduction of that kid to their religious scripture. It becomes a symbol of their affiliation and connection with their faith. They get familiar with their holy book, practically. Learning Quran is important for the kids to build an early connection with their holy book.

To Create a Sense of Virtue and Evil            

A human being is a mixture of virtues and evil. Allah Almighty created man with a continuous conflict in his subconscious for virtue and evil. The human part of his “self” always chose to do good deeds, while the satanic self always strives for indulging a man in satanic deeds. To overcome this conflict, a man should be aware of the fact that what is a virtue and what is an evil deed. This concept of good and bad, virtues and evils, the right path and satanic path, everything can be understood by learning Quran. Quran narrates clearly, the deeds that will reward in the hereafter and the evil deeds that can lead a man to hell. Learning Quran with translation can make it clear. The path of virtue is the path of those whom Allah has blessed while the satanic path is the path of those who earned Allah`s wrath by their wrong deeds. Kids can only understand these concepts by learning Quran. Kids get their moral foundations built by learning Al Quran. Moral values of an Islamic society such as truth, honesty, forgiveness, love for humanity, sincerity, sympathy, empathy etc; are taught in Holy Quran. A kid can get a clear concept of virtue and evil, only when he learns Quran. Parents can give moral strength to their kids by teaching them Al Quran. A kid who grows up with moral strength, will grow up to be a good citizen for society.

To create a love for Allah Almighty

Allah Almighty is our creator. He SWT is the one who feeds us. He is the one who gives us clothes to dress up ourselves. He is the one who gave us teeth, tongue, eyes, heart, and nose means every organ, for our benefit. He is the one who created this universe and bears it down for human beings to conquer. He gave us air and oxygen to breathe in. He gave us clean water to drink. He gave us a large variety of vegetables, a large variety of meat, and a large collection of fruits to fulfill our appetites and to cherish our taste buds. He is the one who gives us trees, flowers, green mountains, Water springs, fountains, deserts, and a beautiful landscape to cherish our sight. He created the chirping of birds, the sounds of rivers flowing, sounds of a little kid to cherish our hearing. If we start counting Allah`s blessings and bounties upon human beings, we cannot even think of counting them. It is a fact that creates a sense of indebtedness in a human being. A kid can only realize this fact when he learns Quran. Quran tells every blessing of Allah Almighty to His bondsmen. So that a man feels grateful to Allah SWT. A kid who learns Quran with translation he gets aware of all these rewards and bounties of Allah Almighty, instead of getting afraid of Allah Almighty`s wrath, he will start loving Allah SWT. So, learn Quran to instill a love for Allah Almighty.

To Create Love and Respect for the Holy Prophet SAW

The Holy Prophet May God be pleased with Him, is our beloved prophet and last messenger of Allah Almighty. He is not only our beloved Prophet, his personality is the foundation of faith for Muslims. He is the one who became a source of connecting man with his creator. He becomes the source of our faith, and our absolution on the day of judgment. It is part of our faith to love Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Learning Quran may be a great source to instill a love for Prophet Muhammad SAW in kids. Love of Prophet Muhammad SAW is the foundation of our faith. This foundation can be made strong by learning Quran.

Briefly, we can say that learning Quran is an important step in a kid`s life. Kids can learn the basics of faith, the love of Allah Almighty, the Love of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, the difference between good and bad, virtue and evil, and can be aware of the rewards and blessings of Allah Almighty when they learn Quran. Learning Quran can also be a great source of reward in the hereafter.

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