How to Learn Noorani Qaida?

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Quran e Kareem is the final, holy revelation of Allah Almighty, bestowed to the final and last prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad SAW. As Arabic was the native language of Arabs and Nabi e Rahmat SAW, so Quran e Kareem was revealed in Arabic. Arabs were too much eloquent and were much aware of their eloquence. They have a such grip on language and literature, that they consider the rest of the world Ajam, which means dumb people. Arabic itself is one of the best languages, for expression. But it is difficult for non-Arabs to read and pronounce Arabic and hence to recite Quran e Kareem. To understand, read, and pronounce Quranic Arabic, a booklet is designed. This booklet has the basic phonic sounds of Quranic Arabic.

A Brief Description of Noorani Qaida

Qaeda starts from the basic alphabet of the Arabic language. After the alphabet, it contains only jointed alphabets, which have to be read separately, the purpose is to strengthen the identification of the alphabet, that the child has learned from the first page. This activity is truly fruitful for the children to identify the Arabic alphabet completely. After this practice, basic phonic sounds are there for understanding the children and how they can join different alphabets to create a new sound. These meaningless sounds joined together, form a perfect meaningful word. After practicing phonics, there is an Arabic reading rule, on every page. For instance, more than two pages are there to practice Fatah, Kasra, and Zamma. A page or two is there for the practice of DO ZABAR, DO ZAIR, and DO PAISH. A page or two are SHAD there to practice TANWEEN, JAZM, MAD, etc. After practicing all the basic rules of reading the language, the last portion of the Qaida consists of small words and phrases from Quran e Kareem, to practice before starting reciting and learning Quran e Karim. This step is helpful for the children before learning the reading of Quran e Kareem.

Importance of Reading Noorani Qaida

Anyone who wants to learn, read and understand a foreign language should start by learning the alphabet. This booklet let beginners learn the Arabic alphabet. Only the alphabets are not important reading, understanding, and practicing the phonic sounds is also an important step toward learning a foreign language. Arabic is a foreign language for the non-Arabs like us. So, we have to learn, read and practice the phonic sounds of Arabic. This booklet allows the person to practice Arabic phonics properly. fTo learns prepositions is also an important step in the learning process of a foreign language. This booklet is superb for practicing Arabic prepositions. Practicing small words and phrases of any language, before start reading a particular book, is also a great idea, applied in this booklet. This can be helpful for the students in starting to read the book of that language. When the student started to read the Quran e Kareem, he saw many familiar words and phrases, that he had already practiced, and he felt too relaxed in reading and understanding the Arabic language.

Benefits of Reading and Understanding Noorani Qaida

Reading and practicing Noorani Qaida is very much beneficial for learning Arabic. Hence reading Quran e Kareem became much easier for the person, who wants to learn reading Quran e Kareem. It also teaches how to pronounce the Quranic language. It helps to pronounce Quranic words and phrases accurately. Accurate pronunciation of Quranic words and phrases is too important, as only a small mistake in pronunciation and uttering of a single word, or even an alphabet can change the whole meaning of the Ayaa e Kareema. This can sometimes be disastrous for even the reader’s faith, as the meaning of the ayah e Kareema can be entirely different from that of the original revelation. Sometimes, this minor mistake can lead a person to Kufr, God forbid, as accurate pronunciation is the only key to the correct meaning of the Quran e Karim. This booklet, called the Noorani Qaeda is one of the best booklets to understand reading and practicing Quran e Kareem. One of the most important and beneficial features of this booklet is graduality. Graduality is the best feature for understanding and learning something, especially a new and foreign language. A person can learn a new language gradually. This booklet is the best example of graduality.

Tips for Getting Maximum Benefits from Noorani Qaida

This is a superb Qaida for learning to read the Quranic language. But some steps should be taken, to get maximum benefits from the Noorani Qaida. The first and foremost step in reading and learning Qaida is to learn it from a learned and qualified teacher. A teacher can teach the given prepositions and phonics accurately. The Noorani Qaeda cannot learn without a qualified Arabic teacher or a Qari sahib. 

Another important step for learning this booklet is PRACTICE. Practice making a man perfect is a general rule for learning, but also for learning Noorani Qaida. Phonics of any language needs too much practice. The same is the rule for Arabic and Quranic phonics. The more a person practices, the fastly he can learn to read Quran e Kareem.

Shortly, we can say that Noorani Qaida is one of the best ways to learn to read and understand the Quranic language.

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