Five Reasons to Learn Quran Online

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Quran e Kareem is the final scripture of the holy divine message, revealed by Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. It is the religious obligation of every Muslim to learn the Quran. A little kid’s mind is like wax. You can mold him where ever you want. You can engrave any impression on it easily. It is the most flexible thing in the world. Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said,

“Every child is born in divine nature. It’s his parents, who make him a Christian, a Jew, or a Muslim”

So, it is the reverent responsibility of parents to make their kids learn Al Quran. In the past, parents use conventional ways of teaching the Quran to their kids. Kids were sent to Madaaris to learn Al Quran. There was no third way of teaching the Quran to kids. But the world has changed too much after Corona. During Corona when people could not go outside for any reason. Everything got shifted to online. E-learning in almost every field of education became a norm. Like all other subjects, many people started teaching the Quran online. If there are certain limitations to learning Quran online, there are many benefits to learning Quran online. Let’s have a look at some reasons to learn the Quran online.

Highly Qualified and Skilled Teachers

In Pakistan, it is very easy to find a qualified and learned Quran teacher for the kids. But in remote areas in Pakistan, in general, and in foreign countries in particular, it is very difficult to find a learned Quran teacher for kids. Parents keep on looking for competent teachers, but most of the time, they fail. But now, thanks to e-learning, it became too much easier for parents, even from farther non-Muslim countries, to find a qualified, learned, and competent teacher, anywhere and everywhere in the world. Qualified Quran teachers from all over the world have to make their profiles on social platforms. Every parent from all over the world can approach any of these teachers only with a single click. Approaching a Quran teacher has never been this much easier, as it has become nowadays. A lot of online Quran teachers are working from home, from Pakistan. Parents from all over the world have hired an online Quran teacher from Pakistan. Many online Quran academies are working in our country. They are contributing to this field positively.

Individual Attention

When attending a Quran class in a masjid or a religious institution, a child has to study in groups. Tens of students attend a single class with a single teacher. ONE teacher has to teach many students at a time. So, it gets impossible for the teacher to concentrate on every student with care. But when it comes to online Quran learning, one of the most important benefits of E-learning. There is an individual session attended by only one or two students at a time. So there occurs an individual interaction between the teacher and the student. Thus, the student gets individual attention from the teacher. Which affects the student’s learning and progress too much. A student who receives individual attention from the teacher can work wonders in his learning. This is an important benefit a student can get from learning the Quran online.

The flexibility of Timing

An institute, whether it is a madrasa or a masjid, does have specific teaching hours for students. Mostly, teachers in measured teach the Quran e Kareem after the Fajar prayer or after the Maghrib prayer. Both these times are awkward for little kids. Online Quran learning brings a chance for flexible timing, as the teachers remain online all the time. They can manage time according to the ease and convenience of parents and kids. Secondly, in a busy schedule like that of Pakistani kids, it is too tiring to manage time and go somewhere to learn Quran. It is much easier to switch the internet and a cell phone and start attending class while sitting in their own comfort zone.

Customization According to the needs of Students

Every student in a class has different aptitudes, different brought up, and entirely different mental abilities. It is very difficult for a teacher in a physical class to keep a view of every student’s ability to learn and teach him likewise. This is the facility that is only present in online Quran learning. In e-learning, every student has a chance to interact with the teacher at a personal level. So, it is easy for the teacher to teach the students according to student’s mental level and level of intelligence. This opportunity is available only in online Quran learning.

Security and Monitoring

Nowadays, a child’s safety and security have become very difficult. As crime is increasing day by day universally. Little kids are the most vulnerable individual to fall prey to any calamity. So, kids’ security and safety should be the topmost priority of parents. But parents cannot secure their children when they are outside. Similarly, they cannot make the safety of the children sure, within the institute. But this is possible when the student is attending class from home. This facility is provided only during e-learning. Similarly, a parent can monitor the ways and modes of teaching only when the student is attending an online learning class. Parents cannot monitor the kids from their institute. The teacher and the parents can interact daily and the teacher can give feedback to the parents regularly. This can improve the overall learning output of the student.

We can say that online Quran learning is very fruitful for students and very useful for parents. Teachers also have multiple benefits from teaching online.

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