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The holy Quran is the divine book of Muslims which was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W for the guidance of the whole of mankind. This book is also called the most widely-read book in the history of mankind. Islamic society, along with its rules and regulations, is based on the teachings of the Quran.

The word “Quran” literally means “something which is read repeatedly”. Theologically, the term Quran is referred to the word of Allah. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W was 40 years old when He (S.A.W) received the first revelation. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W was about three miles away from Mecca, in the cave of Hira when Jibreel (A.S) brought the first revelation to Him.


Quran is the ultimate way of getting guidance from Allah. Allah commanded the Muslims to read and understand Quran. Here are some reasons why recitation of the Quran is necessary;

  • Recitation of the Quran is directly connected to the inner peace and calmness of the soul. This is a great spiritual experience that one gets from the recitation of the Quran. This is ensured by Quran itself:

“Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Undoubtedly, by the remembrance of Allah, hearts are assured”

(Ar-Ra’ad 13:28)              

  • Quran is regarded as the communication of Allah Almighty with mankind. So it serves as a spiritual guide for humans and provides them with answers to their questions. Sometimes a person feels down and wants to get reasons for existence. Allah has mentioned in a couple of Surahs that only the Quran is the ultimate source of guidance.

“A Book We have sent down to you so that you may bring forth mankind from the darkness into light”

(Ibrahim 14:1)

  • It is also one of the greatest miracles of Islam that this Book is memorized by countless Muslims. Learning Quran by heart is a great virtue and it proves that Allah made this Book easy for His believers. Allah also mentioned in Quran about it being easy to interpret and understand.

“And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?”

(Al-Qamar 54:17)             


  • When the Quran was sent down to Holly Prophet S.A.W the people of Arabia were completely drowned in the darkness of ignorance. Society was full of injustice. But, the Quran made a remarkable impact on them. Quran transformed those ignorant people of Arabia into leaders. This is one of the profound impacts of the Quran.
  • The recitation of the Quran is such a virtuous deed that Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W said “Whoever reads a letter from the Quran, he will have a reward and that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that ‘alif, laam, meem’ is a letter, rather I’m saying that “alif” is a letter, “laam” is a letter and “meem” is a letter” (Tirmidhi)
  • Recitation of the Quran heals spiritual wounds and purifies the human soul. It cleanses one’s heart from the impurities of sins. Allah says in Quran

“O mankind, there hath come to you an admonition from your Lord and a healing (for the diseases) in your hearts”

(Quran 10:57)

  •  “Recitation of the Quran will save Muslims from Hell on the Day of Judgment by interceding for them. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W narrated the Quran’s readers as Its companions and this beautiful description emphasizes the importance of the Holly Quran.

Read the Quran, for verily it will come on the day of standing as an intercessor for its companions.” (Muslim)

  • Reading Quran also ensures the love of Allah for a Muslim. If one wants to be one of the persons who are being loved by Allah, he should learn and understand Quran and also teach it to others. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W said

“The best of you are the ones who learn the Quran and teach it to others.”



Ramadan is the most precious month for Muslims. It encourages them to do more good deeds in this month as this is the “Month of Mercy”, gifted by Allah. Recitation of the Quran during Ramadan also holds certain benefits. Here’s to some:

  • Allah promises Muslims to guide them to the right path if they obey Him. The Quran is Allah’s word. So if a person recites Quran during Ramadan, he has more chances to gain Jannah because in Ramadan the reward of every virtue is multiplied.
  • The Quran is the best savior of the person who recites it daily. If one recites the Quran daily during Ramadan, it will get him on a brighter way. Plus this recitation will be his savior in his afterlife.


Islam has put Quranic knowledge to a very high rank. There are a lot of Ahadith and verses that show the importance of teaching the Quran. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W said

“Do not wish to be like anyone except in two cases. (The first one is) A person whom Allah has given wealth, and he spends it righteously; (the second one is) the one whom Allah has given wisdom (Quranic knowledge) and he acts upon it and teaches it to others.”


So Quran teaching is one of the best ways to keep getting rewards even after passing away. A Quran teacher teaches their students how to understand and implement Quran in their lives. The Quran teacher gets a part of the reward from the student.

Online and offline Quran teaching

Looking at the condition of Muslims today, it is clear that Quranic education is the need of the hour. The Muslim youth has been distracted from the path of Islam and Quran teaching is exactly what they need. Online and offline Quran teachers are high in demand to teach students Tajweed and Tafseer.


As the world has become a global village and the internet literally gives every kind of information at one click. So Online Quran teaching is very convenient for both teachers and students. There are no worries about time differences or traveling to a different place for getting an education. The benefits of online Quran teaching are:

  • Quran teachers are available 24 hours from all over the world. There is no need to worry about the time difference at all.
  • Unlike offline Quran teaching, online teaching is mostly done one-on-one. This is an ideal situation for both teachers and students.
  • Online Quran teaching is a very flexible mode of learning. Students can enroll in a specific branch of the Quran, supervised by specialized teachers. This is a win-win situation on both sides.
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