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Are you interested in learning the Quran but facing time constraints or living outside Pakistan? Do you struggle to find a mosque or madrasah near your house? The Quran provides guidance, peace, and spiritual nourishment, and it is essential to learn it. Fortunately, in today’s tech world, you can learn Quran online at your convenience.

If you reside in European countries, you can easily log in to our website and enroll in our online Quran classes. We offer Quran classes for all ages, including kids, adults, and teenagers. Our qualified male and female teachers provide the best customer support and teach Quran with tajweed, Hifz Quran, and other necessary qualifications.

Regardless of your location, whether it is the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, or Pakistan, we are available 24/7. Our aim is to provide a wonderful learning experience, and we cater to beginners and students at all levels. Register now and embark on your Quran learning journey with us.

Aims & Objectives:

Learning to read Quran is an open opportunity for anyone, without limitations, restrictions or boundaries. Whether you are 4 years old or 70, you can learn to read Quran online with us. All you need is a broadband internet connection, a desktop or laptop computer with headphones and microphone. Our process is simple and easy to follow, but if you require more guidance, we can provide you with a presentation of how the reading sessions are conducted.

Our Learn Quran Online Academy provides an exceptional live tutoring program for kids and new Muslims worldwide, enabling them to recite Quran from the comfort of their homes. We offer 24-hour teaching services by highly trained and qualified male and female teachers, and our system does not require webcams, providing a safe and secure learning environment for females and kids.

At Kids Quran Reading, we partner with leading online Quran tutoring service providers to offer our unique web-based system to students worldwide. Our system blends technology with human interaction, making it possible to connect with students from any part of the world and provide them with an ideal Quran learning experience.

Our goal is to make Quran learning accessible to the Muslim Ummah, and we are the largest Quran Tutoring Academy with experienced faculty providing services via the internet to Muslims in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries. We value teamwork and ensure our activities reflect this value, which reflects in the success and satisfaction of our learners. To evaluate the usefulness of our online Quran reading lessons, take advantage of our unique offer of a 3-day free trial.




Our Mission:

We believe that quran can help us make better life in this world and afterwards. Quality education of Islam is the primary source of success in both lives. We strive to provide quality education to the new generation of Muslim nation regardless geographical location. Our prime focus is to accommodate those students who find difficulties to arrange quran tutors or Islamic instructors at their homeland. As people continue to face challenges and problems in their daily life, EasyWayToQuran.com. helps provide guidance and solutions for all individuals in the light of true Islamic spirit.

Our Vision:

To provide a platform where every Muslim is able to read and understand the holy Quran , regardless of geographical location.

What you need to Learn Quran at home:

You should have following mention things to have our classes:

* Computer or Laptop
* DSL/Broadband Connection
* Headphone/Speakers
* Microphone

For visual contact you will need to have net-meeting software and for audio contact telephony software. You may download these software from internet free of cost. Our engineering team will assist you in this regard.

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