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Q: How it works?
A: Just contact Us. We will send to you information to make a setup to start classes . After completion of software installation process , you will be provided with a Quran tutor for one-to-one live classes. 

Q: How would tutoring class take place?
A: At an agreed time , teacher and student come online .With help of telephony software , They talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through computer and a screen sharing software makes them enable to see the same lesson on their computer screen.

Q: Is there an age limit for students who want to learn Quran reading?
Seek the knowledge from the cardle to the grave.
There is no age for learning. This is the beauty of education that it has not been restricted to age or gender only. In fact learning has been given so much importance in Islam that, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that, “Seeking Of Knowledge Is An Obligation Upon Every Muslim, Be It A Man Or A Woman” Mishkaat.
EASYWAY TO QURAN teachers offer online teaching sessions for students of all ages. Holy Quran reading and recitation and all other programs are for both the young and the old alike, anyone no age limits, benefit from our online Quran-Learning tutoring program.

​Q: IS Online Quran Teaching effective?

A: Of course 1-to-1 Online Quran Teaching is effective and useful. It’s time saving Opportunity.

Q:What do you need to get started?

  • A personal computer/laptop.
  • A Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable.
  • Skype , for voice conversation You will download it free of cost.
  • Screen sharing software TeamViewer also download free of cost.
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