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Charges for Quran classes

  • Charges have been set affordable so that everyone can learn him/herself and can easily provide Quran education to their Children.
  • You can claim 3 free trial individual lessons.
  • Online Quran Classes fee are dependent on number of classes taken per week.
  • We have displayed prices in US Dollars.
  • We offer discount for multiple family members
  • We have both male and female Quran tutors.Charges , Quran academy





2 days a week 8 Classes  30 minutes  $30 / month
2 days a week  8 Classes  45 minutes $45 / month
3 days a week  12 Classes  30 minutes  $45 / month
4 days a week  16 Classes  30 minutes  $60 / month
5 days a week  20 Classes  30 minutes  $75 / month
  • The fees mentioned above are for Tajweed and Quran Reading classes. The charges of other courses are different. Please contact us if you are interested in other courses.
  • These prices are in US Dollars. For other countries the fees will be equivalent amount in local currency of that country based upon exchange rate. Please use Currency Converter to see charges in your currency.
  • The Trial classes are excluded from the fees. 
  • Where will i send my fees?
    We will send you email containing “receiver’s information”. 
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